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PCB manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

YLC King Electronics is a custom PCB manufacturer, providing PCB design and fabrication, including circuit board(in all types of materials/thickness/surface treatment)and turnkey PCB assembly. From single-sided, double-sided to complex multi-layer(48 layers) circuit board, We can provide you an appropriate solutions for each application, such as: communications, agriculture, industry, consumer electronics, etc.

PCB Fabrication in YLC-King

As an experienced custom PCB manufacturer, we provide one-stop PCB design and fabrication across different industries:

  • PCB Development:

PCB development is a multi-stage process that transforms a printed circuit board design into a production-ready product. For complex designs, this process is often iterative, aiming to achieve the highest-quality design within the designated development time frame.

  • PCB Manufacturing:

Printed circuit board manufacturing involves actualizing your board design. It comprises a two-step procedure commencing with board fabrication and concluding with the assembly of the printed circuit board (PCBA).

  • PCB Testing:

The testing process, also known as bring-up, represents the final step in PCB development, occurring post-manufacturing. During this stage, rigorous testing is conducted to assess the board's capacity to execute its intended operational functions effectively.

PCB Manufacturing Capability

Basic Capability Layers 1-48L
Materials Type: High TG, EHalongen free, High Frequency, High CTI, Polyimide
Board Thickness 0.1-8mm
Copper Thickness inner layer 6OZ; out layer: 8OZ
Surface treatment HASL、ENIG、Gold Plating、Gold Finger、OSP、Immersion Tin/Silver,Peelable Mask
PCB Type Rigid board Back-board,HDI,Multilayer blind/buried vias,buried resistor,buried capacitor,thick copper board,Semiconductor test board
Flex board Flex(1-8L), Flex-rigid board(1-16L)
Metal base board Alu Base(1-2L,3W/m.k),Cu Base(1-2L,3W/m.k)
Min Track Width/Space Inner Layer 18um(1/2OZ): 2/2mil
35um(1OZ): 3/3mil
70um(2OZ): 4/5mil
105um(3OZ): 6.5/6.5mil
140um(4OZ): 8/8mil
175um(5OZ): 10/10mil
210um(6OZ): 12/12mil
Out Layer 12um(1/3OZ): 2/2mil
18um(1/2OZ): 3/3mil
35um(1OZ): 5/5mil
70um(2OZ): 8/8mil
105um(3OZ): 10/10mil
140um(4OZ): 10/13mil
175um(5OZ): 12/15mil
210um(6OZ): 12/19mil
Drilling Finished hole size (Mechanical) 0.15-6.3mm
Finished hole size (laser hole) 0.076-0.2mm
half hole min size 0.3mm
thickness aperture ratio 20:01
HDI Type 1+n+1, 1+1+n+1+1, 2+n+2, 3+n+3(n:buried hole size≤0.3mm)
back-drilling min size: 0.15mm
Other Solder mask Colour Green,White,Black,Blue,Yellow,Red,Purple
Impedance Control Tolerance ≤5
Impedance Control Tolerance 5%
Quick turn prototype 2L 24hrs
4L 48hrs
6L 72hrs
8L 72hrs
10L 4 working days
12L 4 working days
4L/6L with blind vias 5 working days
8L/10L with blind vias 7 working days

PCB Types

Rigid Boards

Rigid-Flex Boards

Flex Boards



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