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PCB Assembly

YLC-King PCB Assembly Services

YLC King Electronics is the PCB assembly manufacturer with providing solutions to the  Industry,Agriculture, Communications, Consumer electronics, Medical filed etc. We certificate to ISO9001,IATF 16949 and ISO13485 for medical equipment.

As a PCB assembly company, we have professional equipment to build your special and cutting-edge products. We will implement the highest quality standards in the whole prototyping and manufacturing process

Full-Turnkey Services: Our team of experienced buyers source off the shelf and custom fabricated items according to your specifications and at the best price. With our supplier relationships both domestic and overseas, our turnkey services are a one stop shop for your product.

Our Facility

Juki SMT production line: 6 lines

Wave solder production line: 2 lines

Conformal coating automatic spray line: 1 line

Manual solder: 1 line

Test line: 2 lines

First article inspection

AOI test

X-ray test


SMT Package Min Package 1005
Max Height 20mm
Min Space BGA 0.3 pitch
IC 0.3 pitch
PCB Specification Max Board size 450*730mm
Board Thickness 0.3-6mm
Types of PCBs Rigid, Flex, Rigid-flex
Inspection Solder Paste Inspection(SPI), Automatic Optic Inspection (AOI), First Article Inspection(FAI), X-RAY
Capacity SMT 10,000,000 chips/day
THT 30,000 chips/day

PCB Assembly Quality Control

YLC-King Electronics has the strict quality control in the whole process(Material-Production-Product).

  • SMT Sticking Board: Testing the SMT mounting position can reduce the SMT trial production time, save the components, and ensure the quality of SMT
  • First article Inspection: Inspecting wrong materials, missing parts, polarity, direction, screen printing, etc
  • Full-automatic 3D solder paste inspection: Inspecting solder paste printing issue, such as missing printed, less or more tin, offset, poor shape, plate surface pollution, etc
  • Inspect soldering issue: Inspecting short circuit, material leakage, polarity, displacement, wrong parts
  • X-ray: Inspecting open circuit and short circuit detection of BGA, QFN  and other devices



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Tel:+86 755 6100 8460

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